Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I am stylish are you??????

Stylish blogger of course!!!!
I would like to thank my son,
husband, mother, father,
brother, friends, mailman,
plumber, green grocer,
oh and
......... Marie.......
how could I forget you????
you gave me
this award

Seriously though thank you Marie
I am honoured you gave me this award
Please pass by her blog...
you will see the most amazing cards!!!

The binding contract that goes with this award is
that I enrich your lives with 7 things about me
then I pass on the award to 7 others to bask in the glory!


1. I want to be reincarnated as a pretty teapot!...
2. I say fabulous way too much...I actually abuse the poor word...
3. My soon to be 8yr old pointed out that I also use too many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
(they are obviously teaching something at the expensive fancy private school he attends!!!)
4. I listen to classical music and hard rock
anything in between constitutes as noise thus I need ear plugs
5. I have a diet coke addiction
6. I only love the summer because
I can wear sandals/flipflops and drink diet coke in public
becasue it is too damn HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. I am addicted to pretty paper, glue and paint!!

wow after reading that I realise I am a
barefoot, coke addicted, sex and the city brain washed,
illiterate, glue sniffing,wanna be rock star with paper cuts and teapot issues !!

Do you think I need therapy???

and the award goes to.......

1. Spoons 'n' spades...because she makes me drool every day!! LOL
2. Life with the Tucker and Wolek clan....because I have not met a more efficient scrapbooker..sweet Julie sleeps little but crafts up a storm!!!
3. Vanilla Scraps...because Karen makes me homesick..LOL
4. Elina mother scrapper....because not only is she a wonderful mum and scrapper she makes drop dead gorgoeus diaper cakes LOL
5.{A room full of colours and shapes}...because she is a busy working mum extremely talented scrapper who also wants to help new scrappers out there
6.Heather Jacob-Art and Life... because Heather also makes me homesick but is a wickedly talented artist...can I say that??
7.But first I...the story of my life....because she is my rock, partner in crime and godmother of my little stinker C3 I need some diet coke after all that hard work...


  1. aaawww thanks so much Irini ... I feel humbled by your words ..... I loved reading about you and you have a "wicked" sense of humor LOL .. love ya hun !! hugz x

  2. Lol, award gratefully accepted :) Bit concerned about your teapot obsession now. Wanting to be reincarnated as a piece of china is worrying, lol!

  3. Ειρήνη, φυσικα θελεις θεραπεια! Όπως όλες μας άλλωστε!!! Να μπουμε όλες σε group therapy μηπως και δουμε γιατρειά... Blog therapy! Παω να σκεφτω τι "7" θα γραψω...

  4. Irini
    I was glad you accepted the award until I read your acceptance speech ! I'm not sure the " committee " will be quite so lenient what with the whole teapot thing. ( Diet coke is ok I'm an addict myself ) We shall have to wait and see will keep you posted,

    Marie xx

  5. thank you my lovely!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm I see the whole exclamation mark thing is addictive!!!!!!! I have to think about this, as I'm more a pepsimax girl than a diet coke girl but I suppose we can put aside our differences for world peace and stylish blogs. xxx

  6. Your post made me smile and laugh out loud, so I should thank you for that first of all!

    Second, thanks thanks thanks for giving me so much credit, I hugely appreciate it and I'm looking forward to paying it back!

    Third, even though I'm not really very talkative about myself, I promise I will try to write my own 7 things! Soon...

    I'm off to make a layout about teapots now lol....

  7. Well Thelma ... Now you've given up our secret identities ... wanna hit another scrapbooking store this weekend??? LOL

    Thank you so much for the award ... definitely brought a smile to my face ... will have to reveal my 7 as well ...


  8. And my name is Julie and I have a :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) addiction! LOL! LOL! LOL!! Thanks love for passing this on to me!!! I am honored!! And I loved reading about you! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. Irini congratulations for your prize and I think that I share some of your addictions lol!!!