Monday, 7 March 2011

I am not done yet.....

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If you thought I was done with my
Steam Punk phase
well then you are wrong....
still more paper in the pack baby....
I came up with this last week
many layers of inking and misting and masking and stamping
and lots of glitter which does not show on the photo! LOL

tomorrow I announce the winner of my rak
for The Studio blog hop!


  1. Wow Irini!!!! Every time I see one of your creations I get astonished and surprised!!! They are wonderful!!!

  2. i am speechless!!!!!!
    love the colours....

  3. Irini this one is so pretty too...i think you need to frame these for your new studio!!

  4. I'm loving these little works of art you are producing! I agree with Zeffy, this would look fabulous framed and hanging somewhere!!

  5. Καλησπέρα Ειρήνη! Είναι πανέμορφο και με πολύ δουλειά! Ίσως κάποια στιγμή να μας δείξεις πως τα φτιάχνεις όλα αυτά! Τα συγχαρητήρια μου!!!

  6. πώς το καταφερνεις αυτο;; εγω αν βαλω τοσα χρωματα,μελανια κα σπρευ θα τα κανω μανταρα!!1
    ειναι υπεροχο!!!!

  7. Wow again!!!!I love the colours on this one!You are a steampunk lady artist!:D

  8. Irini !!!1 now I am the one swooning !!!! and drooling over your "stuff."....LOL wow oh wow I cant get enough of your artwork ....this is one I am going to scraplift ????? love your style the colours are so deep and rich .... love this world ...big big big hugs to you my friend xoxo
    thanks so much for all your encouragment and love on my blog x

    I'm going back to look and see more of the yummies xoxo

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! You are SIMPLY AMAZING!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. It's exquisite, exceptional and utterly stylish! Irini, I love it!!

    PS. I have a question: what kind of paper does endure so much water on it???

  11. @Melenia...LOL none, it is a process of waiting for layers to dry then add more colour or use my heat gun to dry if it warps too much...then when the page is dry I place it between heavy books....of course they do not always straighten perfectly but that is part of their charm! LOL

  12. I love the depth and complexity of this!!! This is art, so yummy, lovin all our stuff at the moment. xxx

  13. FANTASTIC steampunk piece, Irini!