Monday, 31 October 2011

Final challenge ........

For the month of October!
WOW what a month!
so far there have been
pretty amazing!!

today's surprise challenge comes from our
own fabulous International card maker 
and owner of 

here is a pic of her card

head on over to the
to find out what the challenge is

the winner of Vicky's challenge
will be guest card designer at 
for the month of October!!

oh nearly forgot
The entry deadline has been extended to November 5th!
plenty of time for you to play with all 
12 challenges

Get Creative.....

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Another 5 down........

more tags that is
I have been MIA as I have a lot on my plate at the moment
my head is spinning from all the deadlines and responsibilities!!
Of course rather this than swatting flies and being bored!!


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Now its my turn!!.......

to give you some info about me!!

I received these 2 awards
thank you so much ladies

SO that's 17 things I have to tell you about me
grab a cup of coffee
or leave the room now.....
Here goes...

1. I have an obsession with pretty dainty teapots and tea cups!...and I like to drink tea in them
2. I have to take medication every day...and no they are not psycho drugs!
3. I cant drink red wine because the tannins make me swell up like a balloon!.....not pretty
4. So I make up for number 3 by drinking lots of white wine....hic
5. I could eat sushi for breakfast lunch and dinner.....that can only happen when money grows on trees!
6. I can play Penguin Diner 2 all it
7. I have a coca cola light addiction......and yes I have tried therapy!
8. I procrastinate.....I take my time doing it too!
9. I dont wear a watch.....because I always know what time it is
10. I ramble and obsess.....I know I should be on psycho drugs
11. I opened an etsy shop.....Grandmas Trinkets
12. I stopped eating thing I ever did (for now LOL) 
13. I love a good gossip....and so do you admit it LOL!!!!
14. I used to love winter but now I am feeling the cold......I think they call it old age
15. I am addicted to Sons of Anarchy.....I must have been a biker whore in another life time
16. I want an i-phone....but I have to be happy with my i-ron
17. I wish I could write more...but I fear I will bore you!

and that's all folks............

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A couple of things and a challenge

Firstly I want to say 
Thank You
and Efi
for their blogger awards
and tagging me to write about my self
I promise next post 
I will play along!!
For today though I will show you the latest challenge over at 
it is my turn today to set the challenge
so if you like sketches
try mine on for size

and here are some examples

and the lucky winner will receive this kit

Dont forget to link up your cards by the end of the month!
To be in the running for the all the design teams prizes 
Get Creative

Sunday, 16 October 2011

October 15th challenge at Once Upon A....Sketch!

October 15th Challenge

Journalling criteria: A most embarrassing/awkward/uncomfortable moment. Journal at least 2 SENTENCES on a moment that you will remember for all the wrong reasons. Examples: something you said/did, something your child said, something your pet did etc. 

You must combine our journalling criteria with this sketch. 

Imaginarium designs,  is a new chipboard company founded in 2010. It is the combined collaboration of  a Mother and Son team who both work in the paper craft industry.
Please visit the blog for inspiration and to see what the design team has been up to and you can  purchase this amazing chipboard  at Seriously Scrapbooking (they ship anywhere in the world at actual postage cost)

Bibbys One of a Kind was established in 2011 out of my passion to create. I am a SAHM and spend each day creating something new, I have a facebook page where I do a lot of my advertising and updates ,and a small blog page which I am trying to grow. I make embellishment packs, crochet items, party favours and invitations to name a few. New ideas are born regularly. 


The winner of this challenge, as chosen by the Design Team, will receive this from 

...a pack of their latest and most popular chipboard. The best thing about this, is that the pack will be different each month and will be customised to fit the winners needs. So if you have girls, you will be sent girly chipboard etc. And don't forget that they also sponsor our entire Design Team so please see the examples above for all the creative uses of this awesome chipboard.  

One RANDOMLY chosen winner will receive this gorgeous embellishment pack from 
Bibbys One Of A Kind

I am sending the winner of my prize two of my previous embellishment packs and a 3rd mystery pack with a theme of your choice. This pack will be a 'one off' handmade pack created especially for you! Good luck everyone, Bibby.

Will you play??

Friday, 14 October 2011

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Learn Something New Every day in October....

Since I was still on holidays when 
Learn Something New Every day
started in September
I decided to start it in October....
and to make it in Art journal form
and on tags...enough
here are the pics so far!!

I think I will upload them 5 at a time!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

some more Webster's......

thanks to 
for their creative input in this layout

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sassy Lil Sketches send off number 7......

Sadly here is my last layout for

I switched up this sketch

and came up with this....

instead of block pattern paper
I drew up a grid.....

have a great weekend every one......

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Get Creative.......

is holding a month of card challenges......
the challenges are set by the design team
entries need to be linked up by the end of the month
Each Dt members is offering a gift
and at the end of the month all the entries go into the random generator
for the chance to win a prize from 
here is the prize
Webster's Botanical Cristmas kit - προπαραγγελία

and here are pics of the challenges so far


To find out more about the challenges and the gifts from the design team
go to 
Go and join in the fun!!

Monday, 3 October 2011

C3's views on SEX!!.....

This weekend C3 was in top form
(for those who do not know C3 is my 8yr old son)
Friday night C3 had a friend over, 
so while they were playing in his room
G and I lit some candles, opened a bottle of wine and 
cuddled on the couch listening to music....
C3 came in to nvestigate
not impressed that G and I are cuddling
C3: Is there a power shortage?
Irini: no!...
C3: then why are the candles lit?
Irini: for a romantic atmosphere!
C3: ah ok (giving me dirty look...translation I do not like my father and you being affectionate)

an hour later when his friend left
C3 came to the kitchen to ask me
C3: mama were you and my father having sex?
I: What?!!!! No ....
C3: Dont you think you are both a bit old for sex now????

I think I not only wet myself from laughter  I also cried....
So are you too old????

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sassy Lil' Send Off!

have decided to close down 
you can read more about it here
I will miss them as they were great "bosses"
I loved the sketches and had a fabulous time being on the design team.

this is my second last layout for the girls
you will see my last layout on the October 8th
So my switch it up layout for September is this

based on this sketch

I Switched It Up!  by replacing the picture on the left with a tag. 
Then added the pictures in place of a couple of the patterned paper.

I loved this sketch!!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

6 months of Once Upon A...Sketch

I cannot believe it has been 6 months since the blog started!
Here's to another 6 months and more!!!!!
this fortnight our challenge is to journal about
something note worthy that happened last week...
well for me it was the realisation that my baby
is now a 
When did that happen?????????
I realised that I should treasure this time with him
because who knows what the teenage years will bring!
I am afraid I took many photos of this layout
and could not get the lighting right
very very frustrating!!

Our little man and Cherish

here is the beautiful sketch from 
So head on over to the 
to find out more about the challenge 
to meet our fabulous fabulous guest designer
and eye candy from the rest of the design team!!
Of course to see what fabulous prizes are up for grabs!!
here is a tiny

see ya there.............