Thursday, 29 September 2011

Oh yeah another one!!!!..........

Seriously I have quite a few more pages left
so lets not waste anymore time......
Dont be fooled these layouts come up fast
 as most of the work has been done by
 Websters pages!!
Actually feels like I have been cheating
not really scrapping....

Monday, 26 September 2011

losing control......

I was gifted some gorgeous Websters pages back in 2009.
I would lovingly admire the beautiful papers stroke them talk to them
but never, never lay a hand on them!!!
Till one day I reached the point of no return and decided to 
make a layout 
with one of these beautiful papers
well one thing led to another and I could not stop
I threw caution to the wind,
I listened to my heart and not my head 
I defiled these gorgeous papers
I ravaged them by tearing them 
I distressed them with no consideration for their feelings
I splattered them with inks and paint
I added graffiti, stuck letters on them 
I smothered them with embellishments 
and in a desperate attempt to ask forgiveness
for my selfish destructive acts
I added flowers, beautiful flowers
 hoping to win  back some respect........

Friday, 23 September 2011


Like I said in my previous post
I have been taking part in some challenges
So today I am
this layout for 

The chipboard die cut is from
Imaginarium Designs

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sketchy Thursdays......

It's been a while since I created a layout just for fun
So for
I created this layout
Poor C3 is trying to catch fish,
miniscule fish
without trying to get his feet wet LOL!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


The thoughts of an 8yr old on the Greek economy
Monday 19th September 16:45
C3 and irini walking home from the bus stop
the conversation went like this;
irini: So how was your day at school?
C3: ok
irini: did you eat your lunch (typical Greek mother LOL)
C3: ummmm a little, mama mama I have an idea
irini: what about?
C3: when I grow up I want to become a scientist/inventor
irini: oh wow that sounds wonderful, what will you invent?
C3: well you know how all the politicians have spent all our money
irini: Yes......(no need to lie to the child, it is the truth!!)
C3: well I am going to make a purse that prints money, so when you press a button
it will make money, paper money.
irini: wow and how much will it cost?
C3: At first I will make them and give one to you and to daddy
 and for me of course then all the poor people
irini: you are very kind.
C3: I will have a shop where people will come and buy the special paper
 to put in the purse printer.
irini: wow you have thought of everything
C3: I know!!! and we will be rich and have lots of money
so much money we we can have a bath in it...
(this is where the conversation starts to go down hill superfast LOL )
C3: and the purse will also print coins
irini: dont you think it will be heavy?
C3: yeah doesn't matter I will print lots of paper money
 which will be the water for my bath and the coins will be the soap hahahahaha
(he thought he was very funny)
irini: ok ok...sunshine lets talk about homework
C3: ummm ok ....(silence)

I treasure our conversations......
have a wonderful day every one
and if you have some time to be creative how about making a card!
go and check out the amazing creations of the 
card team!!
they are stunning!!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Enjoy Scrapping....

The lovely Lena from 
had generously given me the
to play with
and boy did I play!! LOL
here is what is left of the kit
I made a little micro mini (what I like to call them)
from the journalling spots that were in the kit
and a card. 
At the end of the post I have uploaded all the layouts and cards I made
with this fabulous kit!!

Everything that has been used in the mini is from the kit apart 
(obviously the punches are mine)
For the cover I used left over pattern paper
and added a flower to the sticker frame 

I misted the  flower with Candy Apple Red Glimmer mist from the kit

added left over stickers and journalling stickers

more stickers!

I misted the butterfly with I stamped the wings of the butterfly with the stamp from the kit

punched a hole added a jump ring and some black lacy ribbon and some charms!!
here is the card

again left over papers
flower and the inking was done with the glimmer mist!

All these creations came from the 
Scarlett Kit

Thursday, 15 September 2011

maybe you do or maybe you dont!....

know that I run a humble challenge blog
this humble little blog
has some great challenges for layouts and cards
(if I do say so myself!! LOL)

the layout challenge for the 15th of September is a sketch

this is my take on the sketch!
I was so proud of C3 on this cold winters day
this brave little 4 yr (back in 2007)
 braved his outdoor swimming lesson, 
the wind was so strong I thought it was going to lift him up out of the water.
That night it snowed!!!

and here is the layout I prepared for the
 1st of September creative challenge
We had to add frames to our layout
here is my interpretation

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Finally back!!....

and C3 started the 3rd grade!
when did that happen???
It seems like yesterday that he learnt to read and write!!
and now he will be studying history!!
We were away for a week
we tried to rest but we also did a little sight seeing!
Now we are back and I am ready for a year of work and creativity
if only I did not have to wake up at 0630!!
arghh I felt like a zombie this morning...
I digress...
here is a layout for Sassy Lil Sketches 
that I did not get the opportunity to post 
what does that mean?
well I am given one of Cheries sketches 
and I have to switch it up (obviously!! hahaha)
I think the pictures will tell a better story
here is the sketch

and this is what I did with it
I flipped the sketched vertically
then instead of pattern paper 
I stamped frames behind the photo!

I love my sons sense of style he matches classic jackets
with jeans and checked sneakers!
just too cute!!
pity about the bad hair cut!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

September 1st at Once Upon A....Sketch

September 1st
It seems like an eternity yet it was not that long ago
 and it all happened so fast........
It has been 46days since we lost our beloved papou (grandfather) 
I needed to scrap about it and I found the perfect photo to go with the perfect sketch
so this is my layout for the September 1st challenge at

You will see that I have used fabulous Imaginarium Designs chipboard
isnt that butterfly stunning???
This sketch by Nadia Cannizzo was perfect for what I wanted to say!

So head on over to the blog for 3 reasons
to see the September 1st challenge i.e sketch and journalling criteria 
to see the amazing creations of the design team
learn more about the fabulous prizes

Dont forget that the winner of the September 1st challenge
apart from winning a prize
 also becomes a guest designer in October!