Sunday, 11 January 2009

A thousand apologies

I received an award from Eleni and Xrysa........ girls my deepest and humblest apologies I completely forgot to thank you for thinking of me........will you still be my friend!!!

The weekend has been good, a lot of quality family time.....the boyz will not wake up from their afternoon nap and I have this wonderful steaming applecrumble with custard waiting for them as a treat today.......why do I bother?????????.....cause I love them to bits that's why!!



  1. Of course we're still friends! LOL :) OOOOOhhhh that's Apple crumb cake sounds wonderful ... any of it left? BTW I'm back in the black in my Scap budget! LOL

  2. Why are you bother with thinks like that?!!!! You were in that sleep that you were asking to wake you up at spring time ... and of course you still be my friend as far as I know!!!