Friday, 9 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all........
Life has taken over as they say....thankfully we are back to our routine, school work etc I don't think I could take any more late nights and alcohol.
House guests came and went and we had a fab time.
I unfortunately have a hacking cough which is causing physical pain and drain.
So it is off to the quacks today.....
In the mean time here are some pics of what we did...
Here is the new year cake...cut, the lucky coin fell in my mothers piece so I will be sending her her lucky charm for 2009.

Fireworks that we watched from the balcony some crazy ass was letting them off on his roof top!!!

The bottle of Chablis I got to drink all by myself!!!!!!!!!

When Yorgos left we took a trip down town Athens with Christopher we call him C1 because he has baptized Christian C3 (Christian, Christopher, Christos)...We then walked over to Zappeio where there was a fairytale village set up in the Royal botanical gardens.

C3 posing with the gingerbread men

C1 and C3 leaving the for a hot meal as it was a cold day

Please no more photos mummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One afternoon we ended up having coffee at Virona square when it got dark the lights came on and this gem came alive!!!!!!!!

Now for you lovers of British comedy this is a must....Father Christmas brought G an I this last year (thank you Domini and Jeremy)

When we need a really good hard wet your self laugh this is what we watch, then this year Father Christmas brought us his latest gig at Wembley Stadium...what can I say this man is a genius not only extremely funny but very talented with musical instruments definitely check him out!!!

Christian also overdosed on Tex Avery......I love the fact that our child has our sense of humour

If you feel you need to go out and see this film...which I thought I should since I grew up in Australia, be prepared for super cheesy scenes and a long wait for the bathroom. So make sure you take plenty of munchies and refreshmentsand maybe a blanket for a little nap as the film is 3 hours long!!!!!!!!!!...all I can remenber from the film is that Nicole Kidman is my age and she does not have even one wrinkle and the fabulous cheesecake scene where Jackman soaps up his naked torso.....OMG!!!

last but not least C3 with his camera yet again!!!!!

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  1. Love your New year's cake ... Yummm yummmm ... LOL @ the comments about Australia ... we saw it too ... it definitely was a LONNNNNGGGGG film!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!