Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Shake rattle and roll...................

If you shake me hard enough you will hear me rattle!!
I have a detailed list on the fridge of my medication regime....
I feel 100 years old.........
My problem is quite serious I have to be careful because pneumonia is around the corner for me if i do not take care according to the doctor!!!!!!!!!
This is the result of not being able to rest when I get sick.
My flu in December just before Christmas is the reason for all this medication...I did not rest when I should have....(ummm exactly how many mothers can rest when they are sick?????)
Anywayyyyy.......I am taking it easy (I am clearing out my son's room OMG you have not seen such a mess).
I will behave... then it's to bed or the couch for some rest.



  1. Oh my ... a whole dowry of meds there!!! I think you need to stitch a couple of projects:

    1. Kitchen is closed.
    2. Laundry room is out of order.
    3. Mom is on strike!
    4. Go run your own errands!!!

    Take good care of yourself so that we can go for some coffee ... I've missed you!!! ;)

  2. I wish you a quick recovery, my friend! Let me add this, though: No matter how ill you feel, you always cheer other people up! I really admire you! I love your sense of humor!

  3. I agree with what Melenia said... about you. I realy don't know how you do it... I sense the critism of the situation for you, I understand that you are always there for your family.. ( so that I am feeling guilty about what I do or do not for mine), and I always end up laughing with the comments you do... for you! How you do it?... Tell me the secret!! LOL!!

  4. Irini, get well soon :) thats quite a collection you have there!!!