Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Back again

Back again because i forgot to mention what I am up to at the moment...
I have been frantically researching schools in the Athens Attiki are for C3 to go to in September...man there is a lot to look at and decide as to whether we want to spend a lot of money on private education for him to learn his ABC's or leave him in the public school system until he is ready for high school where we will definitely put him in a private school so the dilema is now or later?????? is it worth the extra money for primary school????
Actually I have had no time for much else really.....
last week in all my misery and illness I started on a journal......... infact 2 journals...
the first is my take on something I saw on Shimelles web site, as i take on average a photo a day. i thought this was a great idea so i too am going to put a mini album together of all the photos that I take each month... at this stage i am journalling each day and noting which photo i will attach to the journalling. Here is the cover, i call it my 365picture journal (original huh?!!!)............the photo does not do it justice the chair is chipboard that has been painted gold and i have added some bling to it and the 365 thickers (god i love American crafts thickers)

Now this here is the cover of another journal I have started i read about it here so i went to Emily Falconbridges' blog to read further and i was hooked....and here is the cover i made for the journalling I will see what I will do with the scrapping part of it.....still working on it!!!



  1. Decisions, decisions, not the easiest to make! I'm sure you and G. will do what's best for C.! :)

    Glad you are playing along ... I was also fascinated by EF class, although I still haven't decided what format to use!

  2. Hello there Irini, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I see you have been busy - just like Eleni - wears me out just seeing all the stuff that folk do when they start these journal projects LOL

    I look forward to seeing how they come along.

    Toni :o)

  3. Fab journals Irini, I admire anyone who can take a picture a day, I haven't managed one in a few weeks:(.

    I've tagged you over on my blog, apologies, but it's a pretty lengthy one!

    Have a great weekendxx