Tuesday, 20 September 2011


The thoughts of an 8yr old on the Greek economy
Monday 19th September 16:45
C3 and irini walking home from the bus stop
the conversation went like this;
irini: So how was your day at school?
C3: ok
irini: did you eat your lunch (typical Greek mother LOL)
C3: ummmm a little, mama mama I have an idea
irini: what about?
C3: when I grow up I want to become a scientist/inventor
irini: oh wow that sounds wonderful, what will you invent?
C3: well you know how all the politicians have spent all our money
irini: Yes......(no need to lie to the child, it is the truth!!)
C3: well I am going to make a purse that prints money, so when you press a button
it will make money, paper money.
irini: wow and how much will it cost?
C3: At first I will make them and give one to you and to daddy
 and for me of course then all the poor people
irini: you are very kind.
C3: I will have a shop where people will come and buy the special paper
 to put in the purse printer.
irini: wow you have thought of everything
C3: I know!!! and we will be rich and have lots of money
so much money we we can have a bath in it...
(this is where the conversation starts to go down hill superfast LOL )
C3: and the purse will also print coins
irini: dont you think it will be heavy?
C3: yeah doesn't matter I will print lots of paper money
 which will be the water for my bath and the coins will be the soap hahahahaha
(he thought he was very funny)
irini: ok ok...sunshine lets talk about homework
C3: ummm ok ....(silence)

I treasure our conversations......
have a wonderful day every one
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  1. Αγάπη μου... δώστου ένα φιλί από μένα!
    Είναι απίστευτος!
    Να τον χαίρεσαι Ειρηνάκι μου :-)

  2. είναι υπέροχος και τόοοοοσοοο γλυκός!!!
    να τον χαίρεσαι, δωστου ένα φιλι!!!
    μακάρι να έκαναν κουμάντο τα παιδιά..ο κόσμος θα ήταν τόσο απλός!!!!!

  3. I want one!! Too funny, at least when the conversation heaed the same way most 8yo conversations head (somewhere in left field) it didn't descend into toilet humour which is big in our house at the moment...

    bathing is good,although in money - not so sure - I'm fairly sure that's what politicians do isn't it?? xx

  4. Hey ask him if his Noni gets a purse printer too!!! LOL :) Funny boy as always!!! His imagination will take him places!!! :) :)

  5. χαχαχαχα, Ειρήνη μου να τον χαίρεσαι!!!!! Η Μαρία μου, θα έχει κι αυτή ένα τέτοιο πορτοφολάκι, μια και έγιναν φιλαράκια? Φιλιά πολλά!

  6. LOL!! Tooooooooooooooo cute! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. lol! classic. Pretty smart though. I remember imagining things like that when I was a kid. LOL! I wonder, do you speak English of Greek to/with him?

  8. What a dialogue.....maybe children sould govern our country...maybe then we had a better future... Tell C3 that money bath is an excellent idea just like Skroutz Mac Duck!!!! Kisses to both of you!

  9. Irini this post deserved to be scrapped!!! Copy your writing and I am waiting to see a LO of C3 and his money!!!

  10. Too cute! How precious kids are! I'll take one of those bags.......heeeheeeeee!

  11. I am sure buying one of these! hahahaha what a smart and thoughtful kid!!! He is adorable!!!