Sunday, 12 December 2010

shoot to thrill...............

We are freezing our jollies off!!!!!!
central heating is on only once a day!!

I woke up to this yesterday
then it started snowing again...
all day!!!
a perfect excuse to stay home
covered by warm blankets
drinking warm beverages
or beverages that warm you
i.e red wine (any excuse)
pop corn and movies
it was a perfect day yesterday......
until my external hard drive
fell on the ground
wiping out all my data....
I am crushed
because there were numerous data bases
for work on there
plus all my Get Creative challenge blog
what can I say
the pitfalls of technology!...
and please dont ask me if I backed every thing up
it was my backup!!
you see the irony!!


  1. καλημέρα Ειρήνη μου!!! τέλεια μέρα με το χιόνι!!!
    και λυπάμαι πολύ για το ατύχημα!!!
    ξέρω πόσο εκνευριστικό είναι να τα χάνεις όλα από τον υπολογιστή!!!!!!realy sorry...

  2. εννοούσα ...really sorry

  3. oh..shame!!!! hope you get everything in order soon.....

  4. A perfect white day!
    Ρωτα κάποιον ειδικο εαν γινεται να παρεις τα αρχεια σου απο τον σκληρο.Νομιζω ομως οτι ειναι αρκετα τα λεφτα για να το κανεις.Εμεις ειχαμε πολλες απωλειες φετος(σκληρο,υπολογιστες,μοντεμ κλπ) λογω κεραυνων!!!

  5. Oh no!!! Such a shame!!! Hope you'll be able to sort it out!!!

    Love the snow photos ... totally jealous ... did it all melt today?

  6. I LOVE your photos, I'm so jealous! As for the external hard drive, I feel you, I hope everything turns out ok!

  7. Loved the photos!I hope it will snow here too for Christmas. About your external drive I hope you'll be able to get your data back.

  8. Ειρηνάκι μου οι φωτογραφίες είναι μαγικές (δεν ξέρω αν θα το ξαναζήσουμε σύντομα@!!!!)