Monday, 13 December 2010

Novelty gifts part 2

so it's been freakishly cold the last few days
and every time I sit down
to a cup of hot steaming tea
it is cold in no time
I thought my mug needs a
little something to keep it warm
felt jacket/cozy/you give it a name!!
It was fun to make and I am sure if you were
to give it as a gift to someone with a sense of humour
they will appreciate it!!!

here goes.....
this is my Christmas mug
I pull it out of storage on the 1st of December
and put it away on the 7th of January
I used 2 pieces of felt
1 red piece for the body
1 white piece for the snowflake
(yes I am obsessed with snow flakes....)
embroidery floss
a button
sewing needle
I blanket stitched around the felt
The positioned the felt snowflake
and attached it with a bling brad
Then i got started on the strap
made an embarrasing button hole!!!
then buttoned it on my model......
and now she is ready to go.....
For you coffee drinkers out there.....
if you own one of these Starbucks coffee cups
here is what you can do.....
I just knitted a strip with variegated wool
sewed the ends together
and attached wooden buttons...
too cute.....
hot coffee for longer.....
(not clinically do not sue me)
I think they are fun gifts!!


  1. Εξαιρετική ιδέα!!!! Μα πως το σκέφτηκες? είναι υπέροχο!!!!

  2. So cute both if them!!! Great idea!

  3. Irini you 're a goldmine of ideas! This is sooo pretty! I love it!

  4. Τέλεια ιδέα Ειρήνη! Άκρως χουχουλιάρικη!! :)

  5. Πολύ όμορφο και πρακτικό! Ευχαριστούμε Ειρήνη. Ελπίζω όλα να πήγαν καλά με το σκληρό δίσκο. Καληνύχτα!

  6. My favourite colour is red and I love snowflakes so...I love this amazing potiropullover!!!You did a great job with the stiching and the buttonhole,not embarrasing at all!And I'm in love with your Christmas mug!!!I want one too!!!

  7. Τέλεια ιδέα!!! Πουλαβεράκι σωστό!!!

  8. Είναι τέλεια και τα δύο! Και πραγματικά είανι πολύ ωραία ιδέα του Fashion up and get into the Christmas Spirit ακόμα και τις κούπες του καφέ μας!

  9. Lovely idea Irini!!! I love the red / white colours, but I especially like the knitted version!!! Brilliant!

  10. πολύ μου αρεσε ο χαρακτηρισμός της Αλεξ..."ποτηροπουλοβερ"!!!!! τελεια δουλεια και τελεια ιδεά!!!!!

  11. τρελάθηκα!!!!!είναι τέεεεεελειο!!!!!εγώ με τις βελόνες δεν τα πάω καλά!!!!

  12. χα χα πολύ καλό! Κ πολύ καλή ιδέα για δωράκι με χιούμορ!

  13. Love, love, love your coffee cozies! So glad you're going to be participating in Art Journal Every Day!