Monday, 1 February 2010

"La Vie en rose"

Yesterday afternoon the boyz and I got to be backstage groupies at the Megaron Mousikis
An old friend of G's, Raymond Gonzales ...(no not the famous guitarist) a show biz producer, they are old friends way back when G worked for CBS in Paris..So Raymond came to Athens as an agent for a troupe that are performing a dedication to Edith Piaf at the Megaro.

C3 and I lost Gregory to nostalgia this weekend as he spent every waking moment with Raymond apart from when he was the welcome service at the crop on Saturday!!

I digress as usual...............

The show was fantastic very witty and moving.....I actually cried at the end as Edith lived a short difficult life and it became even more tragic when she lost the love of her life....

We took C3 along with us for the experience.......he did amazingly well for a six year one point I thought his jeans had been invaded by ants as he had not stopped fidgeting!!

Another wonderful moment was when the actress was singing and the crowd was mesmerized and just before the crowd clapped you know the awkward pause when a singer has finished but the crowd are not too sure if they should clap...well at this silent moment the love of my life my,.. reason for being...the light in my life decides to shout "MAMA IS IT OVER YET!!"

a very proud moment I dare say!
there was laughter and thankfully the actors didn't say anything!!

Unfotunately they leave this morning for Paris but they will be back ,as all three shows were sold out...keep an eye out for them...I will let you know.....

The show consists of 3 actors/performers Nathalie Lhermitte who portrays Edith Piaf
Aurelien Noël who is the accordian player accompanying Nathalie and Jacques Pessis is the narrator in the show he is also the script writer .

here is a link to a short video mix of the show......

After the amazing performance we went are the pics to prove it....

Outside Raymond's dressing room......

C3 inside the dressing room pretending to play the piano

cast and part of the production crew......
the cutie to my left the one not facing the camera is the amazing accordian player
i am a fan of his because before he went on stage he "smelt'' me up can I say that????
He walked past me going to his dressing room, just before he entered the room he ran up to me and nestled his face in my neck and took a deep breath and shouted AHhhh Thierry Mugler!!

No he is not gay~!!!!!!!...................

and finally G with the amazing talented Nathalie

Hmmmmm they look good together!!!!!!!......


  1. I really wanna know when they are going to be back... If I understood it correctly they would perform again in Megaro!? Edith Piaf is one of my favourites... and if it's possible I would like to have that experience with my daughter.

  2. Edith Piaf is amazing and to hear someone sing her work live must be very intense. Henry (also aged 6) would never have made it.

    Seems like a wonderful, fun night. xx

  3. seems like you had a lot of fun!!!