Friday, 6 February 2009

What??? not again!!!!!!.

Yeah..... I am back with more....LOL....first here is the cover of the mini I am working on..the pic does not do it justice..I have this fabulous sheet of gold Hambly overlay (in love with the stuff) I cut a piece the size of a photo then added jump rings and American crafts white vinyl thickers....loveit........

Ok so are you ready???..............
51. CSI Las Vegas is my all time favourite television series.
52. Weeds has now become my favourite cult the stuff they get away with on that series...not for prudes that's for sure!!!!!
53. I got my nose pierced on my 40th birhtday I kept it in for approx 6 months....I just got tired of the look plus every second woman on the street has one...
54. I hate to look like every one else.......
55. I love black nail polish...NO I am not gothic or depressed I just love the boldness.......what can I say pastels do nothing for me they remind me of fairy floss!!!!
56.I haven't worn high heels since i gave birth 5 years ago.....I tried on some heels the other day and i nearly broke my neck and I suffer from vertigo!!!!LOL have high heels become even higher????????
57.Since having a child I have developed some fears a fear of flying and a fear of death.
58.Since having a child I didn't know that loving someone can hurt so much...........erotic love does not compare to the love for a child...sorry that's my opinion you can always find another partner in life but not another child.
59.The best show on Greek television is 'Radio Arvyla' they comment on life in Greece and politics in their own special sarcastic way and they treat us to unkown or up and coming Greek bands...usually rock bands...great stuff.
60.Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino are my favourite movie directors.
61.I gave up smoking 6 years ago.
62.I wanted a cigarette every day for 5 years. I have not had the desire for over a year now.
63.I adore red wine but the tannins make me swell up the next morning.
64.I can't say no to biscuits and Frech fries.......pretty disgusting uh!!
65.Bill Bailey makes me laugh so hard that i usually end up in a coughing fit.
66.I hate brussels sprouts...
67.My idea of a holiday is of someone else cooking and cleaning for me....
68.I never had a Barbie doll and I have never forgiven my parents!!LOL
69.I had posters of vintage cars on my bedroom wall as a teenager.........
70.I was never allowed to go to camp in highschool, my father thought drug taking and orgies would take place...........he was so wrong, we didn't do any of that stuff in highschool we were innocents.
71. All that changed in university we became degenerates!!! LOl those were the days!!!! LOL
72. I had 2 boy crushes and one girl crush throughout highschool!!
73.The girl crush was not a love crush...for those that are wondering.....
74.I was a vegetarian for 2 years.
75.I love classical and modern dance.
76.I don't have the patience for must stem from the whole disliking musicals thing
77. our Christmas tree is exclusively decorated with stitched ornamnets
78. I love the festive Christmas season but am so happy when Christmas day is over so I can sit down and relax.........
79.I played squash and basketball in highschool now i just look like a basketball................
80.I crashed into a police car that was waiting at a red traffic light...a very embarassing moment in my life.....they alcohol tested me but it was just that I was stressed out. I was driving a girlfriend home after an exam (at uni) we were discussing the exam and I did not notice...if anything I was high on caffiene from all the cramming that went on before the exam.

Only 20 left.........I threaten to be back tomorrow...probably not as it's the weekend and it's quality time with my boyzzz........



  1. Yes, it's really fun! Hei.. girlfriend you have an excellant humor!!! No 67 ... for me, is my idea of living... hi hi! God bless you!... you made me laugh... and I need it so much!

  2. LOL, thanks for completing (nearly!) the tag Irini. There are certainly some interesting and funny facts there!

    Hope you're having a good Wednesdayxx

  3. You certainly have been busy lately - all these tag questions but even more so the lovely pages and books you have been creating.

    Toni :o)