Thursday, 12 February 2009

"Sweet dreams are made of these......

who am I to disagree"............I don't know why but this Eurythmics song has been invading my brain space this morning and as there is not much space in there any way I am pretty much consumed.

Where did the week go i was supposed to post my last 20 seriously riveting things about me!!! on Monday......have i been asleep all week and just woken up this morning??????

As you can tell my brain is not behaving normally this morning (what as opposed to other mornings there is a difference?????????) I swear there are two of me in here.........right now that explains the weight gain!!!!!

Here they are............ better read them before you and I lose interest...........

80. I crashed into a police car that was waiting at a red traffic light, a very embarrassing moment in my life.

81. I was intorduced to scrapbooking at a 'Stampin up' party June 2003

82. I bought and hoarded scrapbooking supplies for a couple of months as I was too inlove with the pretty papers to use them!!!!!!!!!!

83.I have a passion for tea pots. I have a small collection which is growing dangerously.

84. I prefer to drink tea that has been poured from a teapot because i love the whole tea making ritual. Warming the pot preparing the tray with cups and saucers, sugar bowl ,milk jug etc...oh and a couple of biscuits.

85. During the summer months here in Greece it is stinking hot!!!!!!!!..I for some strange reason go through this crazy phase of drinking diet coke in tall glasses topped with ice.......with the first cool winds of I hate the taste of it...........I def need therapy.

86. For years i wore chunky Doc

87. Thanks to my mother being a hairdresser and my desire to change my look often I have had
-blue black hair
-purple black

88. I have had all different types of hair cuts and fair share of terrible perms.The most extreme was back in 1998 where my super hunky hairdresser (I am secretly in lust with him..still 11 years down the track) decided to cut my hair very very short more like shave my head because he said I have a beautiful shaped head!!!..well it was fabulous not only did it look good I didn't need to buy hair shampoo or conditioner for a few months!!!!!!!!

89. If I am allowed to read...(from constant interjections from Christian..such as Mummy why this ...mummy why that????).I feel Iam on holidays it is a luxury to read. No I cannot read before going to bed because i will not put the book down if it is a good book and I will never sleep I am already dealing with lack of sleep issues!!!!!!!!!

90. I love faux jewelry.....

91. I have a hand bag addiction because i never seem to be able to find the right one...and anyway there is no bag that goes with's all about style a black handbag does not always go with everything...I am sure the style wise and hand bag freaks know exactly what I am talking about.

92. I dream of opening a scrapbooking store come bookshop come cafe/tea house...3 in 1 if you like.......

93. I love road trips, the freedom of going wherever and whenever you want.......

94. I adore sunflowers, daisies and lillies..........

95. I am a step mum to a beautiful, intelligent and talented 13year old girl....soon to be 14.....

96.The part of the day I always look forward to is when Christian has been fed and bathed then we cuddle on the couch and watch a nature documentary before going to bed. Just holding my fragrant sleepy little man in my arms makes the trials of the day all worth it.....

97.I used to play the piano accordian.........what was that noise????? did you fall on the floor from laughter????for your information I was a preteen

98. Gregory and I have given Christian many nicknames in his short life while in my womb.........UFO.....UFAKI at 3 months means little worm in Greek....why???? as Christian was really starting to move around and wouldn't sit still always wriggling Gregory called him his little worm. When he was 12 months he tried to say his name all that came out was didn't take long for me to start playing with the sound and called him's a Greek thing!!!!

99. I have never wanted to get married...I was deliriously happy just living together. G proposed to me back in 1999 then again in 2001....poor man...I never said NO i always said YES then promptly filed it away as if nothing happened and got on with our lives. The thought of dressing like a powder puff and inviting zillions of guests which you have to feed and water, preferably with alcohol...and all the while you are left with callouses from uncomfortable powder puffs heels and bad un returnable gifts ARGHHH no way........ I have always personally felt that weddings are for the couple to celebrate any way they want and the baptism of a child is the occasion for a big party with lots of guests....a child becoming a Christian is far more only get one baptism. You can get married as many times as you like.......but that's my opinion...I don't expect people to agree with me.

100. Gregory and i had a shot gun wedding because I was 7 1/2 months pregnant.....I was having such a fabulous pregnancy I didn't want to organise a wedding...I prefered having my teeth pulled out. One thing was for sure since we had to get married for bureacratic pruposes it had to be a church wedding. So in two weeks I organised a party for 14 people. Mind you there was nothing fancy. We got married on the 1st of March 2003 at 11am in a little church at the foot of the Acropolis. We came home to buffet lunch thanks to my mother in law and we drank champagne all afternoon and evening till the last guest left (Eleni our koumbara the translation into English i suppose would by my matron of honour). We managed to have the wedding we wanted small and tasteful we had a fabulous time and we reminisce with a smile still 5 years down the track!!!!!!!!!!

So that's all folks...................................
that was fun..........
back soon as i have been busy with some scrappies.......

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  1. You did it!! Lucky you!! I am still working on it... You have a lot to learn about me... but i have to confess that you realy are my soul mate! I have told you that before, I think in an e-mail message once and after all these I have read...this opinion gets stonger!!