Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Wake me up when it's spring!!!

Hey there......I am sick........yes again......remember the sleepless nights I was talking about?? well they took their toll.
I have no energy and I am starting to freak as Christmas day is not far away I still have so much to do!!!
PTA meetings
making costumes for C and his little friend (kindergarten Xmas show/party)
buying new shirt and shoes for the occasion (C again)
checking who is coming on Xmas day
checking with the caterer (I am not cooking for 15 people NO WAY)
gifts for said people
organising gifts for kids at school as it is C's nameday it is traditional to offer a sweet....
Haircuts for all
wrap presents
organise house because where on earth am I going to 15 people for a sit down meal!
prepare guest room as first house guest arrives on Xmas day will stay for a week
bake cookies and mince pies!!!!
I think I need to lie down now....................
I managed to do a layout this weekend for a challenge on the Greekscrapbooking forum...a little dramatic but I love it....


  1. Irene, I think I have already commented on your project a lot!

    I want to say that I'm very happy I'm getting to know you better through our msgs, our emails and our encounters (which I hope in the future will be many!). You are an inspiration to me and a teacher (along with Eleni!)!

  2. Calm down! Don't stress yourself ... one think at a time and everything will get done!!!

    BTW congratulations for winning! :D That layout was fab and deserved it! :)

  3. BTW I've got a blog award over on my blog for you! ;) Check it out!

  4. Time to wake up honey!!! Well it's not spring yet.... but I have something in my blog for you!!! I think this is going to be a week of prices for you!!!

  5. Hey...love love your new blog (i know i'm a bit late)....also love your project...did you win??...looks like i missed out on a lot and have to catch up now that i'm on holidays...

    take care