Friday, 5 December 2008

Bartender...make that a double

I haven't had a decent nights sleep since September 2007..........why?.........DAYCARE!! that's why, ever since C started attending the cesspool of germs and snotty noses he has been sick. It was so bad that the first week saw him in hospital after picking up some mutated germ from some ankle biter (I am allowed to say that as I am a mother!!!!!!).

We have not been the same since. Now that he has started kindergarten it's mucous mucous mucous coming out of 2 orifices I suppose we will be in the Guinness book of world records if he manages it else where!!!!!Ughhhhhh

Sooooo last night at 3am the hacking started and so began the crying and the whining (from me LOL) seriously the little man was in a bad state so we managed to get all the gunk out of his nose throat and chest by this point it was 0345.......this drama goes on every night...thus the lack of energy and I have lost my mojo.

I didn't get any cards done yesterday as my brain could not function clearly or creatively enough for me to make a dent in the list.....but I did play around with my snowflakes I am so loving these....they are Basic Grey chipboard shapes I painted them then added" glitter snow" that's what the package says added more glitter some jewels and mirrors....the pics do not do them justice but what can I do???

And here they are on the tree......

Bartender.............. hit me again.


  1. Irini you had me in giggles! :) Love the snowflakes although would agree that photos don't do them justice as I've seen them in the flesh! Will be round for drinks later today! ;)

  2. Hey dear!!
    Snowflakes!!! I can imagine their perfection in reallity!
    On the other hand if it's allowed to me to tell... life isn't only black and white but it's certainly better from being grey!!!
    Keep going...

  3. Those snowflakes are beautiful Irini and they look really special on the tree!

    Lol at the cold and mucus situation. I have to tell you, it doesn't get any better. I have Benjamin at home today with bad earache, and I've been up with either one or the other of them over the last few days where they've been ill. It's no fun watching Santa Claus 2 at 1.30 in the morning with a snotty teenager leaning all over you, lol!!! Hope Christian's feeling better.

    Oh, and of course I don't mind you adding me to your blog list. I'm glad you did, as I didn't realise you had one. I shall add you to my list too:)