Wednesday, 17 April 2013

We are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

is back!

has been working hard behind the scenes to update the blog
and challenge us with new words
I think you will love this word

and here is my layout for the design team

this is C3 with his best buddy from kindergarten
they go to different schools now
(they are in the 4th grade)
but their friendship is going strong 
and they see each other every week
They became firm friends when Elias (the one in blue)
came to C3's rescue in the playground.
Unfortunately the other children would grab C3's glasses and jump on them
(who brings up children like that??????????)
 my son was so afraid to play with the other children
in fear that they would break his glasses so he played on his own
Elias went up to him one day and asked if he wanted to play with him
and that was the begining of their friendship...

In this picture we are on holidays in Mani the Peloponese with Elias's family
the boys here are having a rest
a quiet moment before their next adventure!

some close ups

materials used

Basic Grey wander embark
guaze misted with Dylusions
corrugated card ctock
a piece of vellum with a nautical printed on it (thank you Roula Fournaraki)
various Alphas which were painted and inked
plus various embellishments all from my stash

Hope you come and play along!!


  1. Brilliant, brilliant ... brilliant!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Ουαουυυ! Φανταστική σύνθεση! Πολύ μ αρέσουν τα χρώματα και όλα τα διακοσμητικούλια σου!!

    Καλε τι ωραια που σας βλεπω να τα χρησιμοποιείτε!! χιχι

    Φιλάκια Ειρήνη μου!

  3. Beautiful layout Irini!!Love the background!!very match perfect with the photograph...Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  4. απιστευτη!!!!!!!!!!!!!τα χρωματα,τα διακοσμητικα αλλα και η ιστορια πισω απο τη σελιδα...ολα τα λεφτα!!!

  5. Πολύ συγκινητική ιστορία Ειρήνη μου...τι αρχές μεταδίδουν στα παιδιά τους μερικοί..απίστευτο...Τουλάχιστον βγήκε κάτι καλό και δυνατό όπως η φιλία! Υπέροχη σύνθεση και χρώματα!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOVE it!!!!xx I will try to play along!!!

  6. Great colour combo....gorgeous textures going on, too...YAY! Glad WORD is back:):):)!!!!!!!


  8. Super lo !! love the background paper and the clustering!

  9. ooohhhh WOW! I mean: WOW!!! I absolutely adore this layout it's perfect!

  10. This is gorgeous!! LOVING that background, the title work .... but most of all... love their story of friendship!!!

  11. Amazing lo !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mats mouts....

  12. Very creative! I love it, the colors are just amazing.

  13. Wow... I'm speechless... I keep staring at the LO and all the details and... wow!

  14. This page is SO fabulous, and full of life!! I absolutely love the way you've done your title, looks awesome!

  15. Ειρήνη κάθε φορά μένω με το στόμα ανοιχτό!!
    Απίστευτη σελίδα!Ζηλεύω τόσο πολύ που μπορείς και χρησιμοποιείς τόσο υπέροχα ως βάση τόσο busy χαρτιά!Λατρεύω και το στήσιμο του τίτλου σου!
    Φοβερή σελίδα!

  16. Beautiful layout Irini! Great to hear that Wendy is back!! What terrible children being so mean :(