Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Our two kids are crazy about music
they love all types of music
they have a classical background and 
they need to have music on all the time
as they mature their tastes in music change too
the eldest  (I am sure I am going  to get this wrong)
so I will say she listens to Heavy Metal subgenres
which has also influenced the youngest
and this is their "thing"
brother and sister time
I never judge what they listen to...
my only problem is they crank up the volume to avoid hearing
my sweet voice!!!!!!!
I was told on the weekend I am a nag
I can tell you that shut me up for all of one minute 
I reflected on their words and then 
 I nagged 
to ask why they think this 

this weeks word
is none other than
and here is my take on the challenge
make sure you head on over to the blog 
to see what the rest of the design team created
well worth it!!

and some close ups...

lilac pink flower ....Get Creative Embellishments

materials used

music pattern paper October Afternoon Good Cheer collection
lots of corrugated card board
Imaginarium Designs chipboard little boy and girl holding hands

Niki Sivils alphas
rosette was first stamped with a music score stamp
scrabble letter and rose quartz heart from my stash
lots of Gesso gauze and dylusions inks!
the luscious lilac flower, spiral and crochet heart from my Etsy shop
will be updating it soon with more luscious flowers 

see you soon!!!!!!......


  1. Φοβερή!!!! Αυτό το μωβ-λιλά είναι πολύ εντυπωσιακό!!! Ελπίζω και τα δικά μου παιδιά να αγαπήσουν τη μουσική γιατι νομίζω οι άνπρωποι που την αγαπούν νιώθουν περισσότερα όμορφα συναισθήματα...

  2. Ειρήνη μου τι φοβερά χρώματα είναι αυτά!! Τρελάθηκα και με τα διακοσμητικά σου! και τις τεχνικές εννοείται! απίθανη σύνθεση, για άλλη μια φορά! καλημέρα!

  3. Τί να πω Ειρήνη μου!!!!κάνω υπόκλιση!!!φιλιά!!!

  4. Υπέροχο!!! Θεωρώ το μωβ ενα απο τα πιο δύσκολα χρώματα!!! Θαυμάζω όσους το χρησιμοποιούν! Μπράβο!!! Τελειο!!!

  5. ειναι απλα υπεροχο!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! διακοσμητικα...χρωματα... σουπερ!!!

  6. Καταπληκτικό!!!!!!Πως τα καταφέρνεις έτσι με τα σκούρα χρώματα???Ειδικά το μωβ είναι πολύ δύσκολο και συ το έκανες μοναδικό!!!!Μπράβο Ειρήνη!!!!

  7. Amazing Irini mou, love everything about it ... but most of all I love the photos ... there are so beautiful and capture the kids so well!!! :) :) :)

  8. Wow Irini this is fabulous! Love the purple and the chippee is so perfect here! Yeah!

  9. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! This is GORGEOUS! I loveeeeeeeeee that background, the photos, the flowers, and LOVING that title banner!!!!

  10. Lol !!! One of the reasons I have been granted a craft studio out of the house is so I don't " nag " about the music. Youngest son in a bad with drum kits and guitars all over and hubby mad obsessive high ender ( Irini knows what I mean ) Fabulous photo of the kids and your beautiful handmade embellishments are a dream.


  11. καταπληκτικη!! Τα χρωματα, οι φωτος, τα λουλουδάκια και οι καρδουλες, την κάνουν ΚΑΤΑΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΗ!!!!!

  12. Το πόσο θαυμάζω τις σελίδες σου δεν λέγεται!!
    Πραγματικά υποκλίνομαι!Και αυτές οι καρδούλες με τρελαίνουν!!Sigh!

  13. Πολύ όμορφο! Ωραίο το μωβ, εντυπωσιακό! Μπράβο Ειρήνη!

  14. wow, awesome page!!!! And sooo funny your stories and they way you write them! lol!

  15. My goodness! That background is amazing! Best use of purple ever! :)

  16. καταρχην οι φωτο ειναι υπεροχες!!!επισης,το background ,τα χρωματα και τα διακοσμητικα ειναι τελεια!!!

  17. How awesome is this?! THe background looks amazing..soooo gorgeous and bold!!! Beautiful work!!

  18. So beautiful Irini!! Love the colouring!! Hope the heat has cooled off a lot now & you are still enjoying time with your mum!