Friday, 28 January 2011

The KKK took my baby away......

last night we got a fabulous suprise visit from a
an adored family member
and I was totally unprepred for dinner
the fridge was bare except for a head of
iceberg lettuce
some tired looking olives and milk
I do not think any 5 Michelin star chef
could make anything from that
thus my chances were nil
we ordered out.
I took a pic of where we ate
the enormous coffee table had been taken over
by C3's wooden train set
The thought of clearing it away
broke my heart
we ate around it!!!

back soon with a layout or 2


  1. lovely picture!!! think of it as decoration!!!!

  2. It reminds me a scene from ''Coraline''!The gravy train!Have you seen it?It's one of my favourites!

  3. Very nice picture Irini! Unfortunately I cannot think how could it bw useful for me because most of the times we have Barbie or Playmobil princesses all around our coffee table! Could you think of something? Bye!

  4. Καλημέρα Ειρήνη! Πολύ έξυπνη ιδέα με την διακόσμηση! Όσο για τον απρόσμενο επισκέπτη … πάντα τρέμω στην ιδέα, γιατί γενικά θέλω να είμαι προετοιμασμένη! Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο! Το επόμενο θα είμαστε μαζί!