Monday, 25 October 2010

Thessaloniki here we come.....

So we are taking a road trip
with our final destination being Thessaloniki.
We will be gone 5 days!!
C3's school celebrates it's patron saint Dimitri by closing the school gates
for 3 days of course the national holiday is also in the mix!
So we decided to go away...
we will be these terrible parents that will call in sick on Friday
we have never done it before
I do not believe in playing hooky from school
I am a square geek I know.....
but how could I not................
when we have so much to see and do...
the next couple of days
I cant wait to see all these monuments again,
last time I was in Thessaloniki was in 1992
shame on me I know!!
So Thessaloniki here we come....
I will be taking my puter with me so maybe
I will travel blog
the next few days!
Later...............(in Thessaloniki)


  1. Ειρήνη,εύχομαι να έχετε καλό ταξίδι,η Θεσσαλονίκη έχει αλλάξει αρκετά απο το 92',ελπίζω να λειτουργεί το μετρό,γιατι το παρκάρισμα είναι ένα δράμα!Καλά να περάσετε!!

  2. Have a safe trip and yes PLEASE travel blog ... it's lots of fun ... and we can vicariously travel with you too!!!

  3. Καλό ταξίδι, Ειρήνη!!! Καλά να περάσετε και να επιστρεψετε ασφαλείς!

  4. καλό ταξίδι να έχετε και καλά να περάσετε!!! που θα περάσετε!!!
    φιλάκια στον C3 και χαιρετίσματα στον G!!!!περιμένουμε φωτό και εντυπώσεις!!!!!

  5. Irini don't worry about C3 missing one day of school,he'll gain so much more from this trip than being at school for one day!!Thessaloniki is a wonderful city,make sure you stay outside of the city with your car and only use public transportation to the city because as was mentioned above the situation with all the works for the metro is horrible and finding a parking spot is a nightmare!!Busses go round all day long and come by frequent so there's no need to agravate yourself with downtown traffic!
    I do recommend if you have the time you should visit the saint Nicolas park in's wonderful(although I'm not quite sure how it will be this time of year with the cold tbh)

  6. have a wonderful time Irini!! Sounds like heaven - I'm sure C3 will suffer no long term effects from missing a day at school...

    please travel blog, one day we will make it there. xx

  7. Ααααα ζηλεύω .Θέλω και εγώ να πάω ταξιδάκι...Να περάσετε τέλεια Ειρήνη μου!!!

  8. αχχχχχχ,με παιρνετε κι εμενα μαζι;;;;;τί δεν θα' δινα για να ημουν 3 μερες θεσσαλονικη!!!
    καλα να περασετε!!φιλια!!!