Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My new mantra.....

actually I have collected quite a few
but I think this is the best
courtesy of Jojo (thanks sweetie)
where to begin?
I think I will be concise
G and I are entering a new phase in our lives
it's called the having to deal with
elderly parents phase.
What can I say it is very difficult
you may or may not know
but my father in law has Parkinsons Disease
and is 90 yr s of age
my mother-in-law
(would not want you to know her age...
why she refused to tell her doctor! LOL)
is either suffering from the early stages of
Senile Dementia
or quite possibly
Alzheimers Disease.....
yes we have hit the jackpot!!
I am not making light of the situation
but it has been a difficult summer
we attempted to go on holidays twice but each time
we ventured out for more than 3 days
we were called back due to some emergency
granted the last time we went away
C3 and I caught the flu
I think it was from sheer exhaustion or
I was not allowed to rest LOL
just when I was getting used to the idea of sitting by the pool
with a book in my hand (shock horror!)
such a thing is not possible in Athens
C3 makes sure of that...
I digress so there I am lounging by the pool
forbidden book in my hand cool drink by my side
I am off the wagon
my addiction is back with vengeance
I think I now perspire diet coke.....
I did not have to cook
all meals were prepared for
all that was expected off me was to bask in the sun
cool off in the salt water pool
I managed to enjoy the forbidden fruits of
relaxation for 3 days
then C3 woke up with a raging temp and
proceeded to decorate the sheets and towels
with his stomach contents!!!
After I cleaned up
and shovelled all sorts of concoctions
for his temperature down his sweet throat
I passed out on the bed and woke up an hour later with a
So we returned...
I have not been in front of the computer for days
as I have been trying to find help for my mother-in-law
I have been interviewing women for the job
and it is not an easy task
C3 has learnt how to use my computer
my very precocious 7yr old
believes he has every right to fire up my puter
just because he knows how to...
what does he do you ask?
plays online games
(for those who do not know C3
life is all about cars!!)
don't worry under supervision
problem is not matter how long he plays
be it half an hour or one hour or 5 minutes
he is crazy hyped afterwards
it's a nightmare!
wow this is a really long post!
so much for being concise!
I will be back with pics we did manage to do some fun stuff
this summer
despite all the grief and drama


  1. wow!! it has been a very long post but how else could you describe the loooong summer that has just ended...
    i am sad to hear your parent in low news... and i know it's a very difficult situation and hard to find the help you want...i hope you do that soon, so that you have sometime for your self..for some creations...
    we have missed you a lot ...hope to get in touch again during winter time... and.. waiting for a cyber crop to give me the excuse i am seeking for making a LO...enough with the books!!! lol...sorry for the long post!!!

  2. Ειρήνη μου μας έλειψες!!! λυπάμαι που τα νέα σας δεν είναι και τόσο ευχάριστα! εύχομαι το καλύτερο για την οικογένειά σας!

  3. Αχ! συμπεθέρα μου,λυπάμε και εύχομαι δύναμη και κουράγιο για την εξαιρετικά δύσκολη κατάσταση που αντιμετωπίζεται!Νομίζω οτι με αυτά που περνάτε τα τελευταία 2 χρόνια ίσως έπρεπε να παίζεται πιο τακτικά joker!Να μου προσέχεις το γαμπρό μην γνωρίσει καμιά άλλη από το hotwheels.com!!γιατί θα χάσεις την συμπεθέρα scraper!!

  4. Ειρήνη ελπίζω τα επόμενα καλοκαίρια να είναι πολύ καλύτερα για εσάς. Φυσικά και μας έλειψες και ελπίζουμε να δούμε σύντομα νέες σου δημιουργίες.

  5. That's not a good way to spend your summer, the worry must be a constant and that in itself would be exhausting. I hopee you are still looking after yourself although I know the theory of this is different from the reality!

    Henry is also a computer whizz, he loves Club Penguin and the Lego Club, Occassionally he asks me to play with him but gets frustrted that I have no clue at all.

    Thansk for the lovely messages on my blog xx

  6. It was a hard summer for you girl.... I missed you a lot but I was thinking you had fun on holidays... sorry it wasn't like that! I hope it will go better though I also know is hard to find someone good to help in these situations! Take care of Irini!!!!

  7. Ειρηνάκι μου λυπάμαι πολύ....ξέρω πως τα πράγματα δεν φαίνονται καλά αλλά κάνε κουράγιο,μην σε παίρνει από κάτω.Εύχομαι τα καλύτερα για την οικογένεια σου και σύντομα να δούμε πάλι της πανέμορφες δημιουργίες σου!

  8. Ειρήνη μου ναι μας λείπεις, αλλά συμμερίζομαι τα προβλήματα και τις δυσκολίες σου. Εύχομαι να έχεις δύναμη και κουράγιο για να τα ξεπερνάς και μέσα από αυτά να βγεις πιο δυνατή!