Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Happy 15th birthday J

J is celebrating her 15th birthday today!
The layout is from another of Shimelles challenges from the Something from almost nothing class
In this challenge we had to choose a shape and use it every where I chose butterflies.......
J is 11 years old here.....



  1. Lovely Irini ... I see you were able to finally post a picture ...what a lovely layout!!!

    I couldn't as they have changed the way you upload from you PC, so I added them to photobucket and did it by inserting URLs ...

  2. άλλη μια απίθανη σελίδα! μου αρέσουν τρομερά οι λεπτομέρειες στη σελίδα... οι κεραίες στις πεταλούδες....το υπέροχο doodling μου κλέβει την καρδιά!

  3. Happy birthday Irini, she's so pretty! A lovely LO for a lovely girl!

  4. Πολύχρονος,γερός και δυνατός να είναι Ειρήνη μου.Φανταστικό το φόντο με τα σύννεφα και τις πεταλούδες γύρω από την φωτογραφία.