Tuesday, 19 January 2010


It is true....................
knitting therapy!!!!

I have been toying with needles off and for a year now I would get a few rows done then undo it then again and again till I just gave up.
Recently i started itching again to knit...but I had forgoteen how to cast on so i went to you tube and learnt how to cast on using 2 needles which I prefer!!
Then I knitted a couple of rows there are many mistakes but I have a project in mind.
if I find a few minutes this morning to learn how to cast off i will upload my project it is seriously cute and funny......
till tomorrow then........


  1. ωραία ασχολία! με βελόνες ή χωρίς δεν τα καταφέρνω αλλά θαυμάζω εσάς που το κάνετε!

  2. Great Irini!!

    let me help u with the casting off... you basically just knit two stitches together, and the stitch that is formed... you pass back onto ur left needle.... ... till eventually... u only have one stitch left... u cut off ur wool (leave +_10 cm) and thread that thru ur last stitch... and ur done!

    (at least... that is how i remember it without having any needles in front of me at the moment to make my explanation easier).. LOL!!
    hope u get it right!!

  3. oh that is great, i am in therapy too!!!

  4. Irini a very good site with lots of tutorials on knitting is ftiaxto.gr...If I ever take up knitting again I'll deff check that site out(I used to knit a lot as a child but gave up on it when I grew older).

  5. Thanks ladies.....I learnt how to cast off on you tube found a great tutorial video...I cast off without a hitch but...I didn't like the end result so I undid it again and have started from the begining!! LOL