Sunday, 22 November 2009

Toooooo cute.............

Christian called out to his father who was having a shower.....daddy don't stay in the shower too long because the screws in your leg will rust!!!!!..for you that do not know G had screws placed into the head of his left femur in the hope that the bone will heal and will not need titanium in 2 years time.!!!!

C was the perfect helper yesterday.....I was at it all day yesterday preparing the kits for the crop , friends came over in the morning a huge thank you to Eleste Eleni and Katerina what would I have done without you!!!

After they left in the afternoon another friend came over (who has nothing to do with crafts) but wanted to help..... well we continued working till 2am!!

No need to tell you I was exhausted we woke up at 10am this morning (that is like in the middle of the day for me)...........

well it's back to the preparations!!!!



  1. Well, the important thing was that a lot of work was done, so less more for you...
    I was very excited to help...when Katerina told me we were to come over... i was thrilled... my hubby was just watching me celebrate and nodded his head!!!
    Good luck with the rest of the thing to be done and I know the crop will be a huge success!!!

    aaa...give C a big hug!!!(and a kiss!!)

    Pleased to meet you!!!

  2. What a day/night.Enjoy your crop Irini, can't wait to see the wonderful work that will no doubt emerge. xx

  3. Glad to help ... always glad to help ... you know that ... you have to scrap that conversation soon!!! :)