Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Can we skip the teenage years pleeeeease.................

squelch,smack, squelch, smack....this is the sound of chewing gum oscillating from braces to molars.
'you know like' are the words spoken from said mouth every minute on the minute........
earphones surgically implanted in ears..this is a versatile operation for ipod itouch phone users..
glazed eyes with a look of distaste at all times are side effects from said surgery...

Can you tell that the prodigal teenager has returned??
Yes! Josephine arrived Monday night quite to my surprise as we were expecting her Wednesday....this was due to her fathers communication skills having a meltdown..he knew but forgot to tell C3 and I!
When Christian was born my mother said that she wanted to bundle him up and take him back with her to Australia.....she claimed I could have him back 18 years later...........
Now that I am getting a sneak preview of the teenage years with Josephine home maybe just maybe my mothers offer was not a bad one!!
Seriously is different and it is difficult, nerves of steel and a thick skin are required...I have none of these

We have been busy and here are some of the pics to prove it:

Cool drinks, water and a drawing pad for both C3 and I.....taking a breather from the heat. Try it take your drawing pad or your journal and sit under a leafy tree in the park..sheer bliss I had forgotten the simple things give the most pleasure.....

Baby sitting twice a week 2 of the most high spirited, high energy,extremely witty and intelligent 6 years old boys you will ever meet (one of them is my son of course)

C3 made shoes for his doodoo

crafting drawing sessions on the balcony........

A six year old boy dreaming he was on a boat.......

Brother and sister always being silly in front of the camera

Evening drives to the beach for ice cream

eat my dust


  1. Wow!! A full house then! :)

    Love the new blog background and the new blog photo of you!

    Love, love, love Dodo's shoes .... what an ingenious little boy!!! :) :)

    Talk to you soon!!! :)

  2. Teenage years.....well, here they come for me too... I don't know yet whether I want to skip them or not, but sometimes... -you are right- it's nessesary to have nerves out of steel and a thick skin!!!
    I love the energy of your photos!

  3. I wonder if you are aware of the fact that you are a VERY TALENTED writer... and I mean that!

    The new look of you blog is fantastic, it represents you so well! A touch of Irini!

    Anyway... good luck with J & C3 together!!! (perhaps I should send a "be courageous" card...)

  4. Don't envy you all that teenage angst.

    Fab photos.

    Hope all goes well with the family.

    Toni :o)