Thursday, 26 March 2009

Temperature rising part 2..........

I cannot believe it has been so long since I last blogged well things have not changed much......C3 has been home now for nearly 3 weeks...unbelievable he has been sick on and off........ he went back to school at some point but started throwing unbelievably high temps again so i have kept him home.
His paed said that it is the flu that keeps coming back......great, unfortunately there are a lot of working parents who send their children to school with a high think that the school could offer some service for these parents especially during the winter months when most of the children get sick.
Of course this is just a logical practical thought it would never work in a country that revels in red tape and frappe!!!
Sorry being a little bitter there.........working parents get a raw deal in this country!!!
Enough......of course with C3 being ill all the time I too have caught variuous bugs the latest has my ears and throat on's better today thankfully.
I have not scrapped but i have slowly downsized a lot of supplies. I have been brutal with things like stickers...I always wonder what was going through my mind when I bought them..they are pretty enough but i will never use them.....any one want them????????? some have been taken out of their packaging so i am giving them away for less than half the price i bought them at..if anyone is interested leave me a comment or email me so i can send you a pic.
Time for pictures.....
My new teapot!!!..oh so kitsch but oh so cute!!!!!

The witch the magician and the green elf!!....

Oh we are also having a Save the planet party on Saturday night.....


  1. Ok! Dear if you realy like to jump into what I call "blog design hard disease"... fine! Give it a shot anyway! Try this... . I can make the top image or help you in any way if you like (grafics), though I think you can do whatever you got in mind! Kisses!!!

  2. I LOVE that teapot Irini, it's fab!!

    I hope everyone is feeling better now, this flu bug has been awful:(